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Shaunna Spivey-Spinner

Model. Author.
Shaunna "Holliwood"  Spivey Spinner



Hailing from a traditional family and community in Syracuse New York, Shaunna Spivey Spinner, has always been considered “different.” Being the victim of bullying was an every day occurrence. She didn’t speak, act or look like anyone else. And she would soon learn that this was a good thing.

Dubbed “Holliwood” during her junior high school years due to her fancy and showboating style of playing basketball, Shaunna decided early on that she would not be defeated by stereotypes and boundaries.  She continued to play basketball, but also focused her talents on art. Taking this love one step further, she began documenting not only artwork that she had come to admire, but her LIFE …on her body.

Through travels, and social media, she has connected with various artists who have also blessed her body with their beautiful art. She has also gained the attention of many who are just in awe of her…and the life that at one point was considered taboo.

Now a seasoned model, published author, teacher, activists through her initiative Project X- Nonviolence, and more, Shaunna “Holliwood” Spivey Spinner, spends her days showing others how to break the mold and change the world. In a time filled with stereotypes, boundaries, injustice and limitations, Holliwood strives to be that much needed nuance.




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